“Challenges to the involvement of end users in research when planning new research (EBR)” – keynote presented September 2021

Video and transcript of my keynote presentation for the European Union COST Action (EVBRES) “2nd Evidence-Based Research Conference – Online”, presented September 27, 2021. I submitted a pre-recorded talk, and participated in a live panel discussion afterwards. Here’s the video… Continue Reading


“Ethical implications of engaging patients in research” – keynote at Putting Patients First 2019, BC Support Unit, Vancouver, November 2019

Transcript of my talk delivered at the BC Support Unit’s 2019 conference, Putting Patients First. Vancouver, November 20 2019. Video recording courtesy of BC Support Unit. Engaging patients in research: it’s what we call a no-brainer, right?  Meaning, it’s something… Continue Reading


Treating my type 2 diabetes through diet and exercise – resisting a predetermined medicalized future

Healthcare – especially public healthcare – is optimized for  risk management. This will always be true despite talk of ‘personalized medicine’. It perpetuates its own truths and pre-approves acceptable choices for patients. Our experts and clinicians are trained to operate the system as it is, not to construct it on the fly according to each patient’s needs. Continue Reading