response to last post

Regarding my last post, a comment from my dad, SKJ:

You are surely too hard on yourself. “Presentable” and “regular” are the loaded words, the dark suspicion that your quest for communication is some sort of misguided response to shame. It is not Owen’s humanity that is on the table, but yours, ours, all of us. This quest for communication is the most fundamental evidence of a deep humanity. In spite of shame, not because of it. And not only in reaching across to Owen, but out to the world, communicating by means of our new scriptures, which is to say, the films we have seen. Similarities, exceptions, differences, the normal and the heroic. We none of us do more than blink an eyelid: yes, no; yes, no.

He’s right. The desire to communicate (Owen’s and mine) is a fundamental urge that must not be ignored. And the barest intention should be honoured, whether successful or not. Right. Back on track.


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