Owen is not the same as he was before this recent hospitalization. He hasn’t returned to his pre-crisis state and I am slowly coming around to the idea that this is simply the new reality – shifting from describing him as ‘broken’ or ‘changed’, to just acknowledging what is. And moving forward from here, not back there.

It’s all of our life’s work, yes? To live in the moment?

I wish I had written a book before all those other people did.


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  1. Jennifer, Owen and Angus,

    Just wanted to connect. I must of spoken to you just before your hospitalization. I was cleaning out my email as I am changing jobs. It is interesting to know I have had connection with you and your family through all 3 jobs of my career in Canada. I think of you and your family often when I am in the city. I hope things are more stable now.
    It is interesting as I read through the blog how things have changed..more on outcomes less on life in general in OT. I really like your approach and wanted to tell you. Need any help?
    You can email me or call me.

    Right now I am covering a therapist leave at Sunnyview. I am struggling with some of the things you mention in communication as well. (esp. with a little one with dystonia)

    Give me a ring 416 8788019 or email coleary2@cogeco.ca

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