MRI Brain Without Contrast



Previous MRI study dated 3rd March, 2000 was reviewed.

Generalized cerebral atrophy is noted, with prominence of CSF spaces.  Significant volume loss of the basal ganglia is noted, predominantly of the globus pallidus.  There is also some volume loss of the thalami.  Compared to the previous MRI, the volume loss in the basal ganglia has progressed.  For e.g. the indentation by the caudate nuclei is less pronounced compared to the previous study.

There is no evidence of a posterior fossa or supratentorial mass lesion or evidence of mass effect noted.  No focal or diffuse areas of abnormal signal are noted.

The ventricles, sulci, and cisternal spaces are within normal limits.  MR spectroscopy qualitatively appears normal with normal pattern of NAA, Cr and Choline.


Generalized cerebral atrophy, with volume loss of the basal ganglia.  Further clinical correlation is suggested.


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