TV Appearances

  • Sunday July 5, 11:00 pm – CTV News, Health report (taped segment, reported by Avis Favaro)
  • Monday July 6, 8:00 am – Canada AM (live interview)

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After being quoted in a recent edition of Bloom, a Bloorview publication for families, I was contacted by CTV.  They were interested in interviewing me on the topic of kids (with special needs) who don’t have diagnoses.  The story was supposed to appear in the online weekend edition of CTV News.

The interview went well – so well in fact, that the reporter forwarded the story idea to the medical producer for the broadcast edition of CTV News!  After another phone interview, CTV sent a crew to film an on-camera interview.   I was interviewed directly, and they also shot lots of footage of Owen and Sallyanne playing, Owen and I communicating and going for a walk, and Owen and I at Bloorview.  They also interviewed Golda Milo-Manson, Owen’s physician at Bloorview.  What a crazy adventure!  This story will air tomorrow night on CTV National News.

The footage must have turned out well; Avis Favaro, the Health Reporter for this story, passed along the script to Canada AM.  A few more phone calls later and I am now scheduled to appear on Canada AM on Monday morning!  There was also a suggestion that W-Five may be interested in following up with a longer story.

I will publish the links to the stories after they air.  Wish me luck!



  1. Hi Jen, do you still have links or files somewhere? I tried the links on your blog, but I guess they are too old and no longer active.

    My daughter is also undiagnosed and I would love to see these interviews and videos.

    • Oh gosh… just tried to find it and it appears to be long gone. I’m not sure I recorded a copy either! I’ll go through what I have and see if there’s a DVD laying around somewhere.

      • Rats – nothing. Sorry Glen, shouldn’t have trusted the internet to save it…

  2. Ok thanks so much for looking! It’s all part of my education…seeking out as much information as I can. Feels like it’s never enough!

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