This is Not a Blog

When a blog topic occurs to me, I let it stew for a while.  Sometimes weeks.  Then I write it in one go, editing ruthlessly along the way.  This blog is not a day-to-day journal – more a collection of essays.

So perhaps a little snapshot of our ‘real lives’ is in order.  [Photo above: Owen and Jamie embarking on an archeological dig] From now on, I will occasionally post about family life.  Interestingly, while ‘Owen and his disabilities’ occupies a substantial proportion of my strategic and long-term thinking, Owen himself is rarely the central focus of my day.  In fact, I’ve set things up specifically so that he’s not.

And on that note, I’ll get started with some random details:

Overall, Owen has been happy and engaged.  Ready to face the day and always eager to connect with people.  Manageability continues to be a challenge, but that’s not really his problem.   I am very happy with our current caregiver situation, including the addition of Mark, a capable young family man whose other job is tattooing.  Brings a welcome new energy to Owen’s life and to my household.

Angus is undergoing what Steiner calls the ‘9 year change’.  It’s a lonely and sometimes frightening time for children and I can see signs of it in him.  There’s an underlying melancholy at times, but mostly I see an interesting and interested boy.  Still into Lego.  Guitar lessons and trampoline classes are extra activities.  Video games and random television are not allowed, but he watches movies on weekends.  Ongoing request for Lord of the Rings.  The answer is still no.

Owen has a caregiver with him 8-10 hours a day (except weekends).  This provides me with enough time to earn a living, spend time with Angus and tend to the household.  I sometimes nap if Owen’s had a rough night.  The boys spend alternating weekends (and a weekly overnight) at their dad’s, giving me time to catch up on sleep and work.  Sometimes I even have time to paint, take pictures and see friends.

I have been with my partner C for about 2.5 years.  We don’t live together but we live in the same house – my household is on one floor and his is on another, interconnected by a stairwell through the kitchen.   Unconventional, but works great for us.

My family:  3 brothers (Toronto, California, London England), Mom (Cambridge ON) and Dad and his wife (Stratford ON).

That’s all for now.

Oh!  I got a new digital SLR camera for Christmas!



  1. Thanks for a peek into your life! Love the pics! What a great thing that you have access to a male caregiver for your guy. I think it’s so important for the boys. Even when Dads are around, they so often get surrounded by women..mind you, my daughter goes nuts around men…15, don’t ya know!

  2. Hey Jennifer,
    Been hanging out here on Salt Spring Island just healing for the winter, but always look forward to your updates, and the pictures of Owen always just stop my heart…what can I say, he’s so beautiful and so familiar.
    Fate is taking me to London, England in the next couple of weeks, so it’s interesting to learn your brother lives there.
    Anyhow, glad to see thing are going well. I get back to ‘real life’ in about 8 weeks, and we’ll see where life takes me from there. I’m hoping in the months to come it will take me to Toronto so I can meet you and Owen in person one of these day.
    Take care….best thoughts are with you always.

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