New format, new purpose

It’s been 2 years and it’s time for an overhaul!   I’ve reformatted the blog to accomplish a few things:

  • update the look to something more modern (building websites is what I do after all!)
  • add some visual ‘breathing space’ – old layout was feeling cramped
  • share images from flickr
  • redesign the look of the site so it isn’t SO much about Owen himself.  My blog topics have widened recently and I’m not so much blogging about ‘Owen and his disabilities’ – rather, this blog is more about MY decisions and challenges, and occasionally about family life.  This isn’t Owen’s blog – it’s mine :)  So, I took him off the header and will eventually replace it with an image that captures a wider view.

If you get this post via RSS, come take a look and let me know what you think.



    • Thanks Claire – you and me both! (haha!) Been a little negligent but so want to get back in a rhythm. Stay tuned! (And glad you’re home from the hospital! Brutal.)

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