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It’s a little-known secret that I’m a hobbyist painter.  I crank out an acrylic painting (on canvas) about twice a year or so.  I started about three years ago and have maybe 10 floating around my house.   Sometimes I paint two in a row, as I did recently.   Nothing to report on the homefront, so I thought I’d share one of my latest.

It’s painted from a photo of the boys sleeping in my bed – the photo was taken about three and a half years ago.  This is actually my second effort. Further down you’ll see another version, painted about two years ago.  Interesting to note the difference!    I gave the original to my dad and have missed its presence ever since.   So, instead of asking for it back  I painted it again. (Have you ever taken a photo of a painting? Don’t fully trust the colours you see here…)

July 2010 – 12×12

Summer 2008 – 6×6

Original photo:



  1. you know….I like them both for different reasons…but I prefer the first (top or most recent) one…can’t say why. I have no ability with art. I enjoy seeing how others can do this. Thanks for putting these up!

  2. I appreciate seeing these, too. Thank you! Our Teen is hoping to develop her enjoyment of art. I look at art differently now that she has an interest. I am impressed.

  3. I had no idea you were a painter!
    I love the tousled hair in all three :) you captured it well!
    Nothin’ sweeter than kids sleeping…

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