farewell, sweet owen

My dear faithful readers,

Owen passed away Sunday morning.   Sometime around dawn, in his own bed at his dad’s, in his sleep.  I am so  heartbroken no words can express.  No amount of understanding or wisdom gained over the years eases this endless tide of grief.

I intend to share more when I can bear to.  I leave you for now with a couple of photos of what I think of as Angus’ goodbye to Owen, just over a week before he died.  Unusually tender moments of hair stroking, cuddling and kisses on the nose that continued through most of the evening.  As he was many times in the past few months, Owen was in his glory.



  1. Owen brought so much love into your lives, it’s incredible. And these photos capture that gift perfectly.

  2. xoxo…there are no words, but much love going your way. As I drift off to sleep these nights, I see Owen with Shane at another place, just beyond our view…agreeing they taught us well and made us better people for having shared this life with us…and Shane is showing Owen how to use those wonderful new legs as they explore in a way they were unable to in this life. It may be crazy, but it brings me comfort….

  3. Jennifer — thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures. It seems that Owen was able to give so many loved ones a special goodbye in the last week or so. Sending you loving wishes of peace.

  4. I adored that boy, and every moment of the two years I sent at school with him. He was so special, I think of him often and have many photos from parties and field trips… he was a little prince! I’m very sad.

  5. I am thinking of you in your brokenhearted sadness, and wish you the release of tears and good support as the days unfold.

  6. Jennifer
    There are no words. My heart breaks for you and your family and i cannot even begin to imagine YOUR heartbreak. I will hug all my children tonight and be thankful. Life is so fragile, we must always live each day, Thank you for sharing sweet owen’s life with us. I will never forget his story or your heart.

    So so so thinking of you and sending you any strength I can….

  7. Jennifer, I believe that together with Angus you will make sense out of this. We are here for a moment, but that moment is glorious, as Owen proved. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us even though hesitatingly, but adventures they were.

  8. Hi Jennifer, I’m so sorry to hear about Owen! My thoughts are with you and your family…

  9. My sympathies to your whole family and everyone who lost Owen in their lives. He had one of the warmest, most contagious smiles.

  10. namaste sweet mama jennifer:
    you will always be a mama and oh, what gifts children bring to us! i JUST heard about Owen leaving this earth plane from Susan Petras. The photos above bring warm tears to my heart. Love at its best. The senses so sweet to the touch. i never met Owen. i read about him thru your blogs.
    it seems to me, Owen made you his hero..Heroine. He molded you into an even more incredible woman than you ever were before he arrived. and his parting- will only solidify that even more.

    The book: illuisons- something from there now emerges for me- in it, there is a message: how do you know if your life’s mission is complete? if you are still here, it is not.

    I remember driving hOMe with you and Susan from the DYR 2007 and was moved by the unconditional love emminating from your words- your heart- for Owen. I do not think i have ever met anyone speak of LOVE like this before. in that mOMent, you were BEING LOVE. and this is rare and this is what i sense Owen’s mission was. to teach this kind of LOVE to others.

    and Kalil Gibran’s on death: … “and when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance”. Owen IS DANCING!

    anyway, words may not take away your healing process- just know- you are so blessed.
    i wish i could be there and hug you and cry with you, my sweet yogini friend.


  11. My dear friend! I am desolate with your loss. Sending you peace and love and support in the embrace of the many who love you.

  12. My heart hurts for you.. I am sad for you and I am sorry- I lost my multiply disabled brother a year ago in July, my heart is still in pain and I just cannot post anything on here with out the tears. My heart is with you at this time.

  13. Jennifer – My heart and soul go out to you, I am so sorry, I wish I could give you a big hug and be there for you. ???

  14. The first time I visited your blog, I was just stunned by Owen’s transcendent beauty. Wishing you peace and healing.

  15. Hugs Jen! I just found your site through an ad link in gmail that brought me to lowtotheground. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. Many people I know have lost loved ones this past week (and our 10yr old dog passed away last week). Peace and love.

  16. Jen –

    My condolences to you on your loss. May you keep his spirit alive with the many beautiful memories you have of him. Rest in peace Owen.


  17. I stumbled on your blog looking for a wordpress consultant. I am so moved by your story; your writing is of such quality that i feel, in an hour, like he touched my life too. I will keep following you, and hope you find the strength and peace to get you through this horrible time (I see the post date, I also know it’s a still fresh wound and will be for a long time.) And love from a stranger and her son to Angus.



  18. Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. I only just discovered your blog and am still only on the first page of it, making my way down, and my eyes are welled up with tears. May you and your family find peace during this time.

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