A few days away

I took Angus to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.  Beautiful weather, lovely resort, great adventures…  and a needed break away from home.  It wasn’t terribly relaxing (which may explain why I came home with shingles?!) but certainly worth every penny.  Angus was great company and so appreciated the trip – he kept thanking Owen for the opportunity, knowing he was having experiences he couldn’t have had with his brother.  Click on a photo to enlarge.



  1. So glad you guys got a few days away (regardless of how unrelaxing they may have been).
    Angus must be a great travel companion…
    We love you guys.

  2. Very, very happy for you both. Beautiful pictures, top notch.
    Also, Shingles usually come out when the greatest moment of tension has passed, the body realizes suddenly just how exhausted it was and can no longer fight infection or illness.
    *akward slience*
    We get the double whammy as parents to children like Owen and Segev, guilt for anything we do, tough life giving everything we have so they can have something at least. Of course there shouldn’t be any guilt…makes you appreciate every minuscule thing. And we are made of tiny things strung together…effort and time strung together…to find ourselves still moving like the fish in the water.

  3. Hi Jen and Angus,

    I loved looking through your pictures :) I’m so happy you guys went away, looks like you had a great time.

    Miss you both-Hope you feel better soon Jen



  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! You have such a great eye with your photography Jen!

    So glad you guys got away for a bit…to see hints of joy in the photos is wonderful! And I appreciate how Angus feels….there are lots of things/experiences that have to be bypassed while we do what we have to do….the ability to pick up and just go is a strange sensation that takes a lot of getting used to again. As parents we get a sense of ‘oh, yeah…this is what it was like before;…for Angus, it’ll be brand new!
    I’m so happy you both embraced the opportunity…shingles be darned! ( I think Eric is likely right on his explanation!…your body is finally saying ‘oh, I can take time now’)
    Take care

  5. Stunning photos! I’m glad you and Angus had a good time.

    Hope you recover from shingles soon! I know that’s very painful. Louise

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog and love it very much. If you don’t mind, I’ve added it to my blog roll. My little guy is only 9 months old but seems to have some similar issues to Owen, mostly stemming from his prematurity.

    Thank you for maintaining such a lovely and informative blog. I love this post, in particular. The pictures are, indeed, filled with such joy and love.

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