Los Angeles

We headed to LA just after Christmas and returned last night.  We were visiting my brother and his family.  It was unseasonably cold but there were many days of sunshine, allowing us to enjoy the landscape and crisp air.

Owen was supposed to come on this trip and I’m grateful he wasn’t there –  too much work for me, relatively little enjoyment for him and a generally indifferent and inaccessible environment.  Nice trip and some fantastic moments, but so great to be home.  We returned to a warm and inviting house and I felt Owen’s presence everywhere.

(Sorry for the sheer volume of photos!  I took over 1000 pictures and am too tired to curate these better…)

Click on an image to enlarge.



    • Whadda ya mean, “didn’t visit Ron?” Who do you think was lurking around in the background of most of those pictures, and directing all of the others, Alfred Hitchcock?

  1. Your photos are breathtaking — did you speak with Vincenzo?

    My favourite part was hearing about you coming home and feeling Owen’s presence everywhere :)

    Thank you for commenting on my post!

  2. Crappi apartments! …is that Spanish for something? :-}
    Love the ocean floor shots, and i’m glad to see you enjoyed yourselves

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