Article in The Toronto Star

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab is running a photo and video contest at www.filmpossible.ca (contest is now closed for submissions) – and I had submitted 3 of my own photos.   The Toronto Star decided to profile a couple of my images, plus an additional one (seen on the inside page).  Mary Ormsby interviewed me before I went on holiday and it’s now been published!  For the full text (and weirdly, to see the photo I sent them that is NOT in the contest) click here. Note: there is a video behind the photo on The Star’s website, created by Erin Corrado, a filmpossible entrant. Unfortunately, the way it’s laid out, it looks like I’m Erin! Apologies, Erin…

The article refers to my book, which is a great plug!  The website for the book (not quite yet finished) is here:  NoOrdinaryBoy.com




  1. What a great article — and the video, too, was beautiful. I love that photo of Owen on your upcoming book. His gaze is so penetrating that it stays in my mind for hours and hours.

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