Owen’s birthday trip

We’re in London UK and sadly, leave tomorrow…  What a fantastic city this is!  We did everything and yet barely scratched the surface.  Highlights:  London Eye, Victoria and Albert Museum, Spitalfields and Brick Lane markets, dinner at Ottolenghi, dinner at Wahaca, dinner in Chinatown, quick sandwiches at Pret and EAT (notice a theme…?).

Our South Kensington mews townhouse is steps away from the tube station – getting around has been so easy, especially with the Oyster card week-long pass.  Highly recommendon the rental website – 5 of us in a 3 bedroom townhouse for much less than a couple of London hotel rooms.

Interestingly, this city seems to be so inaccessible for wheelchair users and yet I see people with disabilities everywhere, especially children with severe disabilities in custom wheelchairs.  Is my radar up, or do people here just get out more…?

On Owen’s birthday itself (August 18 – he would have been 13), we did indeed do the London Eye and visit the Aquarium to see the penguins (although it was hard to overlook the disturbingly haggard appearance of the penguins in their very small enclosure).  You’ll notice in the gallery below some artwork Angus made for Owen, as well as the little Domo creature he bought for Owen the night before (which matches his own, at home). I bought a small gift for Angus to commemorate Owen’s birthday:  a Lonely Planet travel book with a page for every country of the world.  Could we become world travelers?  Why not.  I like to think Owen is cheering us on…

To see the full images, click on a photo for the slideshow.  (People in the photos:  me, Angus, Carsten, my mom – we all traveled together – plus my brother Ben who was visiting his girlfriend in Kendal but joined us for a few days, my brother John who lives in London, and John’s girlfriend Zofia, who lives with John.)




  1. World travelers? Of course! You’re all looking great and the photos are such a lovely glimpse into your adventurous trip. Please give everyone love and hugs. We are cheering you on, too!

  2. A happy belated birthday to your beautiful boy.
    Your trip sounds and looks amazing.

    I wrote you a couple of months ago when my 16 year old daughter with severe disabilities died in the night at home when I was out of town.

    You wrote me back.
    Thank you so much.

    I needed a “place” to write about her and post photos.
    If you have a moment when home, it is: Grief For Dummies.blogspot

    @blogspot? I don’t know.

    All the best to you and your family~

    • Happy Birthday Owen…in our hearts as always!
      Jenn….love, love, love the pics and the idea of it all. Especially love you and Angus with your puckersnitch faces! Beautiful!

  3. Thank you for sharing these stunning photos. I lived in England for a year, right off Kensington High St.

    I loved seeing Angus’s card and the creature he chose for Bubby. I drove Sallyanne to Bloorview that day and know that a number of your workers were getting together to celebrate Owen’s birthday later.


  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Owen —

    I loved the photos, particularly of the “silly” one of you and your son. You both have such beautiful, warm eyes —

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