Mount Pleasant

Michael and I decided over the summer that it was time to make arrangements for Owen’s ashes, which are currently in an urn at Michael’s home.

We visited Mount Pleasant cemetery yesterday, in mid-town Toronto. We purchased a niche – a box space made of granite, located in a free-standing wall constructed in the Garden of Remembrance. It will be many months before the engraving is completed to mark the space, and we haven’t decided yet when Owen’s ashes will be placed in the box. But it’s now ours, for placement when we’re ready.



  1. Hmmmmm….. difficult times. But good too. Good to see you are choosing a beautiful space to remember him by. And in your heart as well. Would love to read your book when it’s ready. Love,

  2. Went for a long walk in Mount Pleasant one of the last times I came to visit you, Jen, and I have to say that it really moved me how it feels more like a big natural space or park than a cemetery. Perfect resting place for Owen who loved all things natural: terrestrial, aquatic or otherwise. Hope to see you again soon big sister. x

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