No Ordinary Boy is now available

The boxes arrived!   I was kind of stunned; after all the writing and production work and so much anticipation (by me) I find myself at a bit of a loss.  The marketing plan will kick into high gear at some point soon, but for now I’m just relishing the satisfaction of having seen this through to completion.

When contracting with the publisher, I had a couple of oversights.  First, I didn’t complete the contracts for Canada, UK or Australia distribution (which is kind of silly, given that I live in Canada).  I’m sorting this out now but it means the book won’t be available on the ‘local’ Amazon sites for a couple of weeks.  You can, though, order it through Amazon.com  Which brings me to my next oversight: I mistyped the cost of the book!  Selling price is $18 (CAN) but it’s listed as $20 on Amazon.  This will not be rectified until November.

You are very welcome to purchase through Amazon now, but I am also offering it for sale directly from me.

Direct purchase and Amazon links are on the website for No Ordinary Boy, and will be here on my blog soon.

To borrow a phrase from PayPal:  Buy Now!




  1. Congratulations Jennifer! A victory for Owen that he can continue to touch the hearts of many more, as is his right. I’ve ordered a copy!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I tried ordering a copy of your book, but something is wrong with the site. What should I do?

    Thank you,


  3. @Matt – thank you for letting me know! The button was indeed broken… it’s fixed now :)


    • Thanks Jennifer.

      Please visit the BLOOM blog, as there’s something there that I wish you to see!


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