I am so pleased to share that the book proof has arrived, and it looks great. I have ordered many boxes! There will be opportunity in the coming weeks to purchase the book directly from me, if you live in the Toronto area.  Otherwise, you might wish to order from Amazon.com when the paperback title is available there in another month or so.  Soon to come:  ebook versions, also on Amazon.

You can read more about the book at NoOrdinaryBoy.com




    I would like to post about it when it’s available on Amazon so all our readers have access. Please keep me posted. And I will call you re your other question.

  2. How wonderful. You must be so excited — I can’t wait to order a copy — I’d love to promote it on my blog, too — I know I have a lot of Canadian readers, so please let me know if that’s all right!

  3. Congratulations Jennifer. Am really looking forward to getting a copy when it’s finished!
    Am heading back to San Fransisco to take in the Bridge School Benefit again this year…I know I won’t be able to be there without remembering Owen and your call last year…it’s hard to believe 12 months have passed….talk soon

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