Early reviews

A quick post to acknowledge the thoughtful review of No Ordinary Boy written by my partner Carsten on his blog, CarstenKnoch.com. You may not be surprised to see that his review is favourable, but it’s worth a read for its own sake – erudite and written with care.

You might also wish to read Louise Kinross’ review over at Bloom.

In these very early days, it’s mostly people I know personally who have finished reading the book – so reviews will be heavily skewed to that demographic for now :)   I’m very much looking forward to hearing about others’ experience of reading it as well.

If you have finished the book and feel so inclined, please post your comments on Amazon.com.


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  1. It’s a compelling review and I hope your book is widely read. I really respect the individualism, sensibilities and thought expressed both in your writing and the ways you
    cared for Owen.

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