The day before the day

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Owen’s death. I’m going underground for a few days. Angus has taken me up on my offer to take the day off as well, although he’s already warned me he may or may not spend it feeling sad. Which is of course fine by me. No specific plans – we’ll just hang out and create some space around us. We each remember Owen in our own way every day and I’m not feeling inclined to frame this as a celebration. . . But, I’m feeling both protective and vulnerable, and of course missing Owen so very much. So, some time off.

A year. Such a long time. And no time at all.






  1. I will sit in silence a bit tomorrow, thinking of your beautiful boy.

    I just finished your book the other day and was overwhelmed by its beauty.

  2. I can’t imagine, or perhaps I can, what such a day means to you…time stands still. I offer you again my poem for Owen, written with this day in mind:

    My ring is a bonnet, at Fairfax that sent them away,
    fair prize in incessant, sent mortified into play.
    Caught in a candy web, caught on thyme ocean swell,

    Forever and a day, gone forever, not even one day.

  3. Love with you and Angus – we’re thinking of Owen … and picturing that smile.

  4. Thinking of you all this weekend…knowing what you’re going though, and knowing, we each need to find our own way to get through all the firsts. You know where I am if needed. I am celebrating Owen in my heart today, as it was the gift of him that allowed me to find you in this great big world, and in that find have always felt just a little less alone on this journey. Big hugs my friend.

  5. I was thinking of you, Michael and of course of Owen on the 24th. I ordered your book off Amazon and it was supposed to be here on the 24th which I thought was perfect. Just received it today and haven’t put it down. Your journey and Owen’s is captured so exquisitely. Although negligent in expressing, know that you are in my heart and thoughts. You are an amazing, open person that should be an example to us all. Best regards and love!

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