New look for Yes or No, and a comment that made my day

Yes or No still has all the same content, but I’ve reorganized it so that older stuff is easier to find.  Categories are based on ‘type’ of post and the tags, over on the right, are by topic.  The bigger the word, the more posts there are.  Hope you find this easier to navigate, and just as easy to read as the last format!  It was definitely due for an upgrade.

This weekend I received a wonderful comment.  A message from the mother of a young man who has severe cerebral palsy and is nonverbal.  She said she read the Bloom article to her son, and he was nodding the whole time in agreement.  Her comment:

I had a good cry at the end and my son agreed as well and it has opened my eyes. I have learnt something from him today as he was nodding the whole time I read to him. I now know how he is feeling in regard to his life…this will change!

I have been so focused on getting my book and ideas out to caregivers, so we can discuss and debate and learn – I am grateful for this reminder that maybe, at the end of the line, our children are the ones who stand to gain the most.

Random photo: my niece, in Los Angeles



    • Haha – yes, it was very hard to get over myself and pare it down. In the previous version, I had overwhelmed myself so much with categories that everything eventually just went into ‘musings’ :)

    • Hi Elizabeth! I know your pain :) I had been hacked a while ago and put in a very plain theme – was so afraid to change things I couldn’t even switch it back to the similarly plain theme that was there before. We must be creatures of habit…

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