Summer is over

I’ve been quietly toiling away on a few things recently, listed below.  I wish there were more hours in a day!   The photo is from back in June, possibly the last time Carsten and I had time to roam the countryside.


I’m working on a new book.  Realistically it’s a few weeks (months?) away from seeing the light of day but I think I still start to publish excerpts here, see what you think.  It’s a follow up to No Ordinary Boy in the way that a second book from a first time author who writes about one subject is inevitably a follow-up.  But rather than straight-up narrative it’s a small collection of essays based on conversations and thoughts I’ve had since writing the first book.  Bit of philosophy, ethics, commentary, manifesto…  a rant, if you will.  But nicely formatted.


I plan to move this blog to the root of Johannesen.ca and widen my range of topics.  I love this blog, but at this point I’m feeling its limitations.  All the old links will point to the new location so you might not even notice!


Two magazine articles coming out soon:  Abilities magazine (October issue), and Ars Medica (next issue, hopefully by the end of the year). I’m quite excited about these – the Abilities article provides a nice counter-point to the usual (inspirational) topics they cover about disability lifestyle, and the Ars Medica article discusses my uneasy relationship with Owen’s Do Not Resuscitate order.

Writing seems to have taken the place of speaking engagements at the moment.  Fine with me, as work has been extra busy and the book is taking up a lot of my thinking space.


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  1. I always enjoy reading and reflecting on what you have written…whenever you’re ready, BRING IT ON!!

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