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I’m launching a new site today! A sort of adjunct to my blog.  I’ve been sitting on it for a while and figured I should just release it already.  More videos are in the works.  I’ll post here when a new interview goes up.

Hopefully the site speaks for itself:

The Conversation Library »


I decided to release it today because a) it’s the project that inspired me to write about Bill’s experiences in the previous 2 blog posts and b) it’s high time that Claire’s voice travels far and wide…  here’s a taste – very timely, given recent conversations about advocacy and activism.

A call to action for parents (part 2 of 2 videos)

  • 00:00 discusses the need for new parents to have mentors
  • 11:41 believes parents should align with disability activists



  1. Wow. This is really wonderful — and so incredible to hear Claire and see her beautiful animated face, particularly after reading her powerful words for so many years. I look forward to seeing more of this important work, Jennifer, and I’m grateful, as always, for your advocacy.

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