Donna Thomson’s book launch

My friend and comrade* Donna Thomson launched the softcover of her book, The Four Walls of my Freedom, in Toronto on Friday. She graciously allowed me to interview her for my other site while she was in town (conversationlibrary.org) – there was so much material it may take me weeks to edit?!  Anyway, I had the extra pleasure of attending her book launch the following afternoon, which I offered to film.

Donna spoke on the topics dear to her heart – her family, Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach as it applies to disability and Eva Kittay‘s work on dependency.  And as a special bonus, she was introduced by John Ralston Saul – author, essayist, über-Canadian and president of PEN International.  A lovely event – and a hearty congratulations to Donna for this release of her book!

* She says “disability mom”, I say comrade. Potato potahto.



  1. Thank you SO much, Jennifer… for your comradeship, your filmmaking skills and your curious and sharp intellect. It was such a delicious several hours reflecting together on what sense we can possibly make of our chaotic lives. I look forward to interviewing you for my blog!

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