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christineI interviewed Christine Kluczynski in her home earlier this summer. I hadn’t met her before and wasn’t familiar with her story or her blog – so I was not only keen to capture her story, I was keen to simply hear it!  I wasn’t disappointed – she’s a smart woman and dedicated mother, with enough ambition to match her big ideas.

Christine is a relatively new mom. Her twin daughters are about a year and a half old – still young enough that she is sure to mention their ‘corrected age’ – an important differentiation for anyone with a preemie, to identify the age the child would have been if they’d stayed ‘inside’ to full gestation. Her experiences with her daughters’ birth and diagnoses are ongoing, which you can certainly sense in her interviews.

The video I have included below is the one I most identified with. However the other videos are equally compelling! She also shared her birth story, her need for specialized caregivers and also described her proposal for better mental health support.

For all of her videos, please click here

For my companion blog post about my own experience of our interview, please click here.

00:07 discusses living with uncertainty and the difficulty of home life
04:36 expresses concern about her girls’ development and future education
07:04 worries about how the world perceives her and her daughters
09:22 talks about building social connections and the tendency to compare children
10:33 responds to a question about the value of mentoring by much older parents
11:52 describes early months as a constant state of crisis
12:40 discusses the stresses of being in public with her daughters
13:42 candidly discusses her mental health in relation to her experiences

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  1. Love Christine’s honesty and self-awareness. This is a great video series and I’m learning a lot.

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